Crafting Content In Tune with Your Business

With Social Jazz, you can unlock your brand’s true potential by effortlessly creating a customized social media strategy that captivates your audience, fuels engagement, and sets your online presence ablaze.

It's all about you!

Social Jazz employs AI to analyze your: 

  • Products and services
  • Target customer
  • Competitors
  • Industry
  • Seasonal topics

Social Jazz automatically generates comprehensive marketing profile tailored exclusively to your business and brand. 

Intelligent Planning

Each month, Social Jazz uses your marketing profile to generate a dynamic social media plan for you, with 2-3 unique posts per week that: 

  • Answer common questions your customers have
  • promote your products and services
  • connect with your audience and community
  • Help your customers discover new topics
Our planning engine avoids content gaps, applies seasonality, repurposes & recycles posts, and selects which platforms a post is best suited for. Talk about smart!

Instant & Relevant Content Creation

Social Jazz generates social media posts with:

  • Captivating captions
  • Calls-To-Action that resonate with your target audience
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Audience engagement hooks 

24x7x365 Publishing

Say goodbye to manual posting. Social Jazz automatically publishes your content to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
You’ll never forget to post — or have to do it on weekends or holidays — because Social Jazz does it for you.

7-Day Free Trial

Set your brand on fire. Experience the unmatched power of AI-driven marketing  and effortless publishing. Begin your journey with Social Jazz today.